Va' Sentiero
the Sentiero Italia


The Trail

There exists a hiking trail that unites the Boot: it is the Sentiero Italia, almost four thousands miles crossing the Italian mountain ranges.

The variety of landscapes the S.I. offers is just incredible, as well as human, dialects, food and costumes wise it is incomparable. Along the Sentiero, you can find ancient villages, often unknown to those living in cities.

After a long slumber, the Sentiero is finally ready to be rediscovered: the Italian Alpine Club’s volunteers are already working on its maintenance for the official re-opening, scheduled for 2019.

3800 miles
1,150,000 feet of elevation gain
20 regions
6 Natural World Heritage Sites
368 Stages

The project

Spring 2019: the journey starts.
We will personally hike the trail in its entirety, walking from the North to the South. We will hike for 9 months – nearly a year of attendance at the “school of the mountains”.

Step by step, we will share our experience in real time – the beauties, the encounters, the accents…the adventure!

All the content and the information (maps, GPS tracks, attractions, difficulties, shelters, etc.) will be presented on a captivating website, available to all who may want to complete any part of the route.

We will also organize public events along the trail. There will be music, delicatessen, culture and talks.

And, if you are wondering about it… you are welcome to join us, by signing up for one or more stages of the hike!

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Who we are

We are a group of young people, bound by our love of traveling and especially our love for the mountains.

We want to earn the right to the beauties that surround us by doing something that is both concrete and grassroots.

Do not expect any answer but your own”, wrote Brecht.
Therefore, in spring 2017, we founded the Va’ Sentiero Association, with the goal of bringing back to the light a forgotten treasure.

Yuri Basilicò

Sara Furlanetto

Giacomo Riccobono

aim high!

Va’ Sentiero:
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Together, we can make every dream possible, even if it is 4.000 miles long.
Help us to make our project grow, become part of it!