Support us!

Support us!

Va’ Sentiero is a journey of discovery across the Italian mountains, along a red thread 6880 km long: the Sentiero Italia, the longest mountain trail in the world – re-opened this year by the Club Alpino Italiano.

The hike will last over a year (364 stages!). We will cross around 130 km a week, facing approximately 350.000 metres of climb, with 10 kg on our backs: less is more!

This is an inclusive experience, aimed at exploring our mountains, their people, beautiful places often unknown. For this reason we want to go there with you, witnessing together their importance. Our collective journey will be reported in real time online, spreading an important message: mountains are a gift to treasure!  

The expedition is ambitious as well as expensive! From essential expenses, to the maintenance of Ulisse (our support van!), from communication to the creation of our photobook…

We have chosen to realise this dream through crowdfunding, as a grassroot project: for us it is a natural and coherent way to enhance the value of a treasure that belongs to all of us. When choosing to support us, you will receive great rewards…come and discover them!

Donate now and join us in the discovery of the Sentiero Italia!

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